The IV Call for the Scouting of CNR technologies of the PROMO-TT Project, dedicated to the collection of new research results, is now open.

Those whose promotion card is already included in the PROMO-TT DB are not required to participate to the call for the same technology (they are for new technologies): they will be contacted shortly by the Project Manager to check and proceed with any updates to the card.

It is possible for CNR personnel to submit one or more scouting forms of their research results - patented, patentable and know-how - also developed in collaboration with third parties, both public and private, to verify their applicability on the market.

It is possible to download the template of the scouting form in .docx format (available only in Italian language). However, the submission must take place exclusively on the online platform starting from 1 October and no later than 31 October 2023 at 11.59 pm.

PROMO-TT led to the collection and promotion of 150 technologies that can be consulted online on the Database both in Italian and in English. In addition, various channels for the promotion of technologies have been activated, both nationally and internationally, and many others are in the planning stage also thanks to the recent activation of the Strategic Thematic and Territorial Tables of the Project.

Thanks to these activities, 50% of the technologies have already received one or more contacts from the Production World (Companies and / or Investors).

A webinar will be held in the morning of 11 October 2023 to briefly illustrate the Project, answer your questions and clarify any doubts regarding scouting. All the details will soon be posted in the Events section of the PROMO-TT website.


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