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Aptamers, short structured single-stranded oligonucleotides binding at high affinity to a given target protein, are selected from large combinatorial libraries through repeated cycles of incubation of the library with the target, recovery and amplification of target-bound oligonucleotides (SELEX technology, Systematic Evolution of Ligands by EXponential enrichment). SELEX can be applied to select aptamers against a known target protein or against a specific cell phenotype, without any prior knowledge of the specific target, leading to new biomarkers discovery. Our team offers a SELEX technology platform for the easy and efficient isolation of nuclease-resistant RNA aptamers for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.  We can meet customer’s needs providing aptamers with the desired properties, including: high affinity/specificity; inhibition or activation of the target protein; identification/validation of new biomarkers; cell- and tissue-specific targeting.

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Aptamers represent a valid alternative to other recognition molecules, as peptides and monoclonal antibodies, in various biomedical applications, thanks to: cost- and time-effective production; high purity and very low inter-batch variability; resistance to harsh environment conditions (pH and temperature); low molecular weight; low toxicity and immunogenicity; easy chemical modifications to further increase their stability, bioavailability and pharmacokinetics and to allow their simple immobilization or labeling for the use in diagnostic assays or for the conjugation to secondary therapeutic agents. Compared to the main players operating in the aptamers’ market, our team of experts offers a highly personalized service for the selection of aptamers with the characteristics desired by the customer, guaranteeing an optimized finished product in a time- and cost-competitive manner.

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For more information and/or to be put in contact with the Research Team, please contact the Project Manager:

Barbara Angelini - Project Manager
CNR - Unità Valorizzazione della Ricerca
Phone number 06.49932415
E-mail barbara.angelini@cnr.it