Optical backplane for high capacity and high performance ICT apparatus, server, datacenters

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Optical backplane for interconnection between boards of a high-capacity ICT apparatus, data-center, server and the related automatic assembly method. The solution is based on optical connections between boards with an optimized layout on a support with mechanical constraints that involve controlled deformations of commercial optical fibers with standardized connectors. The entire interconnection circuit is divided into N independent circuits, each of which makes the connections between all the boards (Full-Mesh). The optical fibers remain in the form of ribbon or cable and the optical circuit has a planar development on the backplane or on a parallel plane on it (minimum size). In each sub-circuit, the layout of the optical connectors is regular with Nx2 matrix and the fibers are posed on a support and protection frame. The path of each Tx/Rx connection is generated by an algorithm that optimizes performance and reduces circuit production costs.

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Optical backplane for high-capacity telecommunications apparatus, datacenters, servers and made with commercial optical fibers (ribbons and cables) and standard connectors. The optical circuit is divided into independent sub-circuits and this gives to the backplane flexibility and advantages in both operation and maintenance. Compared to electric backplanes, it allows high-speed connections and lower energy consumption. Ready for fully optical apparatus. The backplane circuits are encapsulated in support and protection frames designed to ease automated assembly and not critically deform the optical fibers. Advantages: High capacity; High efficiency; Small footprint; Suitable for optical and hybrid equipment; Modular and scalable backplanes; More efficient and economical maintenance; Use of commercial optical fibers and standardized connectors; High IP protection; low energy consumption in operation; Automated assembly and optimized circuit with customized algorithm.

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Europe, USA

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