PPI4MED: a project for innovation in the Mediterranean

The main objective of PPI4MED, which sees the participation of research centers in Spain, Italy, Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan, is to promote relations between the public and private sectors, the commercialization of research results and the development of innovative processes that may affect the socio-economic fabric of the Country and of the Mediterranean region. To this end, the project partners intend to:

  • give rise, with the creation of national "Living Labs", to moments in which national research centers and the private sector can participate in the co-creation and development of new products in priority sectors for the development of the Mediterranean economy;
  • increase public procurement of innovation skills, with targeted training courses;
  • to encourage actions to demonstrate and commercialize research results through pre-competitive analysis of useful products and services.

The sectors in which PPI4MED operates are: environment and waste treatment, water management, energy efficiency, ICT, health and post-Covid solutions. However, the project is open to innovative technological solutions in other sectors, based on the actual needs of the Country system and taking into account the specific priorities of the Mediterranean region. 

Among the first initiatives, the creation of "Living Labs", conceived as a platform for meeting and confronting interests between public and private clients, of technological solutions relating to the strategic sectors indicated above. The project has a duration of 30 months, and will end on March 31, 2023.


CNR contact person for the project:
Marilena Rossano, CNR – UREI Napoli, marilena.rossano@cnr.it

CNR contact person for PPI4MED Living Lab:
Barbara Angelini,  CNR-UVR, barbara.angelini@cnr.it

PPI4MED Communication:
Francesco Donadio, Cnr – Urei, francesco.donadio@cnr.it

For more information:
Francesco Donadio
P.le Aldo Moro, 7, Rome Italy
+39 06 49933813