Market consultation: 4 million euro contract for innovative circular economy solutions

The Calabria Region intends to award a contract of about 4 million euros under the POR Calabria 2014/2020 funds to identify innovative technologies in the field of the Circular Economy and the reuse of secondary raw materials (MPS).

For this purpose, you can take part in the first day of market consultation which will be held on December 15th, from 10:30 to 13:00. The consultation is open to discussions with market operators to acquire all the useful elements for the preparation of the tender, through an open dialogue that involves companies, startups, universities and research centers, associations, third sector entities and individuals.

The goal of the consultation is to identify innovative technologies that allow the use as Secondary Raw Materials of industrial processing waste and material deriving from waste recycling.

The consultation follows the Collaboration Agreement for the implementation of "intelligent public demand calls", signed on August 31, 2021 between AgID, the Calabria Region and FINCALABRA SpA, with the aim of promoting and encouraging the use of Innovation Contracts .

To participate in the consultation, you must register by clicking on this link.